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Who we are?
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Who we are?

Uncle Henry's Gourmet Meats is a family owned and operated business located in Troy, Michigan.
Owner Carol Kolbuch and her husband, Henry, have been processing meat for over 30 years. Everyone that knows Henry also knows that, when it comes to meat, Henry makes some of the best Barbecue around. That’s why it's no surprise that his jerky and sausage have been such a big hit among friends and family.

What is so different? It all comes down too one thing, the process. Henry is serious about his meat. If you ever met Henry you would know that he has a natural gift for taste.
Between the spices and herbs he chooses, the quality of the meats and the preparation for the perfect mix theres no wonder why Henry's meats come out so good. 

Here at Uncle Henry's we take pride and
time in producing a product that keeps the promise of quality in a clean and modern facility. Uncle Henry's Gourmet Meats has lived up to its customer’s expectations of flavor and consistency. The majority of our customers are through word of mouth. Uncle Henry's Gourmet caters to those who seek something a little more exciting in their meats.

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